La Signora Eugenia e il passero solitario

Cascina Eugenia 1641 srl Società Agricola, viale Azari 72, 28922 Verbania (VB) | P.IVA 01867250035 |

cap. 11) Multiples of wine


Still on the type of wine: our direction is that of a series of “author proof” bottles, presented as art multiples, each numbered with the year of production and the serial number of the bottles produced for each type of wine (e.g.: 234/590).

In some years, in our opinion, some types of wine may, besides the classical production, give rise to some author tests that refer to particular experiments of blend between the different batches (these also numbered: e.g.: pa LXXI / CC). All the labels have the signatures of the two directors of “Cascina Eugenia 1641”.