La Signora Eugenia e il passero solitario

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Weather conditions, phenology stages and agronomic work

andamento2008_01After the milder and less rainy autumn of the decade, 2008 began instead with the wettest January ever (160 mm), followed by February and March which were mild and dry. We carried out the pruning between the 18th and 21st of March and followed with the removal and tying of the branches.
April was cool and rainy, delaying the budding of the vines at the end of the month.
May was a bad month and slowed down the season even more: only at mid-month the shoots reached 15 cm so the second pruning could be carried out. In the early days of June the very slow and uneven flowering began. On the 3rd July, there was a strong thunder and hail storm, and another of the same intensity ten days later: the fruit growth was greatly hindered; it was cool for the rest of the month. August was mild and generally dry, allowing the recovery of the plants: only at mid-month a good veraison was noted, the temperatures were never high and the nights were cool. In September the frequent and abundant rainfalls started again, with a strong drop in temperature. After several days of continuous rain, on the 7th September a new severe thunder and hail storm forced us to begin the harvest on the 10th by making a particularly strict selection: only the truly perfect grapes were taken to the cellar and the harvest of the early varieties ended after a week. October and November were very bad months, so we had to make a first harvest of the late variety in the first ten days of November, while the remaining grapes were harvested in the first ten days of December, with vines without leaves and covered by snow.
A cool and rainy year with a mild summer.The rainfall was about 2,360 mm.