La Signora Eugenia e il passero solitario

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The weather conditions, phenology phases and agronomic work

andamento2009_01After the harvest of 2008 the autumn and winter months were very humid, cold and rainy, with exception of January. The pruning was effectuated between the 19th and 20th March, afterwards the removal and tying of the branches was carried out. At the beginning of April, thanks to the mild temperature, the buds had cottoned and at the end of the first ten days the germination of the chardonnay began. April, very rainy and cold, freezed the plants, so at the end of the month the shoots were just formed. At last, in May, a beautiful sunny month with little rain: the flowering began on the 24th and in only a few days they were fully bloomed. Already in early June all the varieties had completed their flowering.
Due to the memorable hail and thunder storm of the 17th July we lost half of the production. Towards the end of the month the ripening began but the vines were very compromised, the ripening was very slow and the harvest began in the last days of August with a poor production. Early September was pleasant but the forecast of heavy rains from the 13th onwards made us harvest all the early grapes between the 10th and the 11th, gathering the wonderful grapes even not fully mature, which gave wines with good freshness and minerality. The bad weather continued from mid-September until the end of the year, leaving only a few moments for the harvest of the late grapes. The rainfall was 2,236 mm.