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White Wine 2010


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bianco2010Production: 525 bottles
Alcohol content: 12.7%
Sugar reducers: 0 gr.
Dry extract: 22 g/l
Total acidity: 7,5 g/l in tartaric acid
pH: 3.2
Free SO2 : 10mg/l

Technical Notes: Harvest on 4th September. The average production of the vines this year was 430 gr. of grapes – about 5 bunches – 260 ml of wine – 2/3 glasses.
Two fermentations were effectuated: the first in a small stainless steel vat and the second in barrels. The fermentation in the steel vat corresponded to the fresher batch of chardonnay, with more elegant potential aromas. A slow pneumatic pressing of whole grapes was effectuated, to obtain the first must.
Immediately after pressing, the must remained in natural settling for 24 hours to clarify spontaneously. After the separation of the coarse sediments by transferring it to a vat of 300 litres, the slightly turbid must, and with citrus aromas, was ready for fermentation which was regular with indigenous yeasts and lasted 16 days. The fermentation in barrels corresponded instead to the pre-macerated batch in which the grapes were well-ripened and showed more structure and extract in the future wine. In this case the grapes were de-stemmed and the must remained in contact with the skins for three days, then a light pressing was effectuated and the must was poured into barrels of second passage. The second fermentation lasted 17 days.

Refinement: After the fermentation the batch of macerated chardonnay remained in barrels for 13 months, with weekly battonage. Also the freshest batch was poured into barrels where it remained for 12 months. Completed the first part of refinement in wood, the  wines were transferred to stainless steel vats, and after the natural stabilization during the winter of 2012, they were assembled and another five months was attended before bottling. The average refinement of the batches that made up 2010 is about a year of aging in wood of second and third passage, and ten months in a steel vat. The wine did not undergo malo-lactic fermentation.
It was bottled by hand on 12th July 2012.

Tasting Notes: aromatic, elegant and discreet imprint in the first few minutes in the glass. Citrus notes of Sicilian lemon, white flowers and apple, evolving later to more citrus and warm aromas. Excellent entry to the palate with freshness and volume, depth and minerality. Good integration between wood and varietal fruit, both to the nose and in the mouth. Very young and vibrant, it will be at its best in 2015 when it will present more clearly its vigour and its complexity.

Tasting advice: in 2014 to enjoy its freshness and liveliness, from 2016 to discover its refined complexity. We suggest that you decant the wine at least three hours before tasting it, to release the aromas and enhance its flavour, and we recommend the tasting also in the days after opening the bottle.