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Red Wine 2010


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rosso2010Production: 320 bottles numbered from 1 to 320
Alcohol content: 12%
Sugar reucers: 0 grammi
Estratto secco: 24.18 g/l
Dry extract: 6.3 g/l
pH: 3.32
Free SO2: 8 mg/l

Technical Notes: harvest on 30th August in the Lake vineyard, early as usual, and the harvest of the Holly and Ash vineyards on 5th September. During the gathering an important selection of the grapes was made by eliminating directly in the vineyard those not perfectly ripe or with some health problems. The batch of pinot of the Lake vineyard fermented spontaneously for about 15 days in steel vats. It presented a particular aromatic expression. The other two batches harvested afterwards, fermented in a wooden tub specially created for the small batches. The pinot of the Holly and Ash vineyards had a more complete maturation, particularly regarding the polyphenolic potential. During the fermentation careful manual punching down was carried out to obtain a selective extraction of the best tannins and avoid the oxidation of the aromas.

Refinement: the racking produced a barrel and a small steel vat of pinot noir. The refinement in barrels of French wood, of second passage, lasted about 18 months, the same for the batch in steel. On 16th April 2012 the assemblage of the two batches was realised. No kind of clarification or filtration of the wines was made, the stability and clarity have been achieved in a natural way during the process of aging. Bottled by hand on 9th August 2012.

Tasting Notes: The wine that is growing and increasing its aromatic profile since it was bottled. The particularly cool year has given the wine an elegant, fresh character. The fruity notes of cherry and blackcurrant are integrated with the hints of sweet spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and earthy descriptors. In the mouth it is fresh and fruity in the beginning, then it has a particularly pleasant persistence. The strength of the tannins is particularly noticeable after a few hours of oxygenation.

Tasting advice: you can taste the fresh aromas and lively tannins in 2014, and from 2016 to discover its complexity and texture. Decant the wine four hours before serving to allow the flavours to open up and enhance the taste. We recommend to taste the wine also some days after opening the bottle.