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White Wine 2012
100% chardonnay


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bianco2011Production: 590 bottles numbered from 1 to 590
Alcohol: 13,50%
Sugar reducers: 0,00 g/l
Dry extracts: 21,60 g/l
Total acidity: 6.9 g/l
pH: 3.30
Free SO2 : 5 mg/l

imgvb2012Technical notes: first harvest on 23rd   August of the “sour” batch (freshness of wine). Gathering by hand and selection of the grapes which were totally pressed. Natural debourbage.
Natural and slow fermentation in steel vats for about a month.
Second harvest on 11th September: “macerated” batch (body of wine).
De-stemming and maceration with the skins for 12 days at low temperatures. Spontaneous and slow fermentation in barriques of second passage for about a month.
This year, 52% of our wine was obtained by direct pressing and 48% by maceration with the skins. This technique aided us to enrich the balance of wine: 2012 was a fresh and wet year and the maceration gave corposity and an aromatic complexity to the assemblage. The fresh batch gave elegance and depth to the wine.


Refinement: the “sour” batch remained 6 months in stainless steel vats and 6 months in barriques of fourth passage. The “maceration” batch remained 5 months in barriques of third passage.

The wine remained with its lees during the refinement  in barriques and then  periodical batonnages were carried out.

On 1st April the assemblage of the batches was effectuated and the wine remained another year in refinement in a stainless steel vat.  The malo-lactic fermentation did not take place.
It was bottled on 21st August 2014.

Tasting notes: intense and golden yellow colour. It was not filtered, but it has some brilliant reflexes. Notes of white ripe fruits such as apricot and peach, together with the citrus ones of bergamot, mandarin, orange and lemon characterize the aroma. The evolution in the glass discloses other descriptors:  green tea, ginger, sandal, coffee, vanilla and cedar, a nearly oriental profile.In the mouth it presents volume and consistency obtained by the maceration of the skins in fermentation. It is  balanced and its freshness makes it persistent and deep to the palate. The aftertaste develops a musky, mineral and citrus aroma and the tasting experience of the wine continues with a pleasant sapid final.

Tasting advice: as always, we recommend to observe the evolution in the glass: a surprising transformation. As proof of its natural character, the day after opening the bottle, the wine presents an even more brilliant profile, on the contrary to what usually happens with white wines. The wine releases the flavours slowly and in our opinion it reaches its perfect balance half day after  opening the bottle. Serving temperature:14°.