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Red Wine 2012
100% Pinot Noir


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rosso2011Production: 696 bottles numbered 1 to 696
Alcohol: 12,50%
Sugar reducers: 0,00 g/l
Dry extracts: 22,50 g/l
Total acidity: 4,5 g/l
pH: 3.62
Free SO2 : 22 mg/l

vr2012_1Technical Notes: harvest on 29th  August in the small Lake vineyard, as usual earlier than the others. During the gathering by hand of the grapes, an attentive selection was made.
This batch fermented with its  own yeasts   in a tub of French wood.
Twice a day a delicate and constant  manual punching down was carried out to   push the skins in the fermenting wine. The fermentation temperature reached 25°C and kept on for fourteen days.
A good contribute in the final assemblage was expected from the fruit aroma of this batch.
Harvest on 12th September in the Holly vineyard (these grapes made a cold premaceration) and on the 13th in the Hash vineyard.
The two batches were put in the    truncated cone shaped wooden tub (capacity 1000 L). This  selection of the crus is responsible for the body, the structure and the aromas of the wine.
The spontaneous fermentation went on for two weeks with daily manual punching down and a delestage at mid-fermentation.    At the end of the fermentation, the wine was racked and continued the malolactic fermentation in barriques.

vr2012_2Refinement: after 11 months in barriques of French wood of second and third passage, on 26th  August 2013 the racking in  steel vats took place. During the refinement period in vats, some other racking took place in order to clarify the wine naturally. In preparation of the bottling on 10th April  2014, the final assemblage of the batches was made. The wine was bottled on 6th June 2014.

Tasting notes: among all the red grapes the pinot noir is the  variety with the most multi-faceted nature.  Up to now the Cascina Eugenia 2012 red wine has been the most particular of the collection. A  “free spirit” wine, less classic than the previous year. A dense colour with cherry red tints as always not filtered. At first it has a s profile of empyreumatic aroma with notes of coffee, cocoa, leather and tobacco.

The evolution in the glass releases  fruit notes of current, raspberry and  pomegranate and spicy notes of cinnamon and licorice increasing its complexity. In the mouth it is resolute, with a good volume and good texture of tannins. It is still in thrust and its freshness gives  intensity  to the wine. One of its characteristics is the wide aftertaste rich of sensations recalling the aroma of berry fruits and cocoa  in the mouth.

Tasting advice: not before 2016. From year to year it intensifies  the empyreumatic aroma and its character of evolution. Open the bottle one hour before tasting, better if decanted. According to our experience, the wine continues to improve  for one day.
Serving temperature: 16-17°C.