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Red Wine 2012
“Author proof”
100% Pinot noir


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rosso2009Production: 354 bottles numbered I to CCCLIV
Alcohol: 12,50%
Sugar reducers: 0,06 g/l
Total acidity: 4,32 g/l
pH: 3.67
Free SO2 : 8,8 mg/l

vrpa2012Technical Notes: the 2012 was particularly difficult. The yelts of the vineyard were very low, but the most difficult thing was to manage  a very heterogeneous maturation. After selecting the grapes for our usual pinot, there was a batch going on its own, whose grapes had  different  aromas and taste: the small area of the Hash vineyard. The harvest was on 14th September with an attentive selection of the grapes already in the vineyard. At first it seemed to be a less concentrate and expressive batch, even if of good quality.

Instead of correcting chemically its hypothetical defects, which is so far from our philosophy, we tried to use our creativity to  extract the natural character of this grape which was not so evident, and to wait for work and time to give a positive feedback.

Fermentation: 50% of the grapes was only destemmed without being pressed and the other 50% was destemmed and pressed. The pressed part was carried in a tub of French wood. The spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts lasted about a week

with daily manual, delicate and constant  punching down.    At the end of the fermentation, the wine was racked and continued the malolactic fermentation in barriques.

Refinement: at the end of the malolactic fermentation we racked the wine in barriques of third passage for two years. On 14th October we made an assemblage with 50 liters of wine obtained  from the drainage of the other pressed batches of Pinot 2012 which was kept in a small steel vat. This assemblage continued its refinement in the steel vat until the bottling. Compared to our standard, the refinement in the cellar was extended  in order to ripen better the dry tannins. It was bottled on 30th April 2015

Tasting notes: light colour, typical of the Pinot in the wetter years.
Thick to the nose with an aromatic, elegant and complex profile.
The first olfactory impression reminds the land and nature with some notes of leather, game and spices. After some minutes in the glass, it smells of fruit. It discloses itself little by little. In the mouth  it has a good tannic texture even if it has not a great body. Interesting for aromaticiy and volume. It’s mineral, penetrating with its freshness and with a persistent aftertaste. It is improving year after year, its a bit rebel character is increasing  and becoming richer and richer in the time.

Tasting advice: after 2016. Open the bottle one hour before tasting it, it is important to let it breath a little, so better to decant it. From our experience, the wine goes on improving for 24 hours.

Service temperature: 16-17°C