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White Wine 2013
100% Chardonnnay


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bianco2011Production: 737 bottles numbered from 1 to 737
Alcohol: 13,50%
Sugar reducers: 1,39 g/l
Dry extracts: 22,73 g/l
Total acidity: 10,23 g/l
pH: 3.14
Free SO2 : 6 mg/l

mill2013vbTechnical notes: 2013 was an excellent year at Pettenasco, both for the Chardonnay and the Pinot noir. The period of ripening was sunny and fresh. The grapes reached a very good balance and concentration of ingredients. In the Chardonnay vineyard four small harvesting areas for wine-making were identified. The harvest of the first “fresh” batch situated in two parts of the vineyard was on 13th September, two days after a hail storm that luckily had not damaged the grapes. Ten days after, on 23rd September we gathered a “cru” batch which had reached an ideal ripening and on 28th  September the harvest ended with another batch of very high quality and expression.

Fermentation:  the grapes of the first batch were pressed entire and the must decanted naturally 72 hours before fermentation. After the spontaneous clarification, it was poured  in two barriques to ferment with indigenous yeast  for about a month. SO2 was not added to the must.

During the fermentation we noticed some more  intense and ripe fruity aromas. This batch was thought for the freshness and length of the final wine.

The batches which had ripened more were destemmed and macerated with their skins for 5/6 days in small inox vats. After the racking, the must was put in barriques to continue the spontaneous fermentation.

Also in this case SO2 was not added to the must.

Refinement: when the alcoholic fermentation was up we made the racking of each batch to separate the lees and the wines were refined sur lies in barriques of second passage for ten months. After the first racking from the barrique to the steel to separate the lees in August 2014, in Septemebr we made the assemblage of the batches. The wine  did not undergo malolactic fermentation and was not filtered.

Bottling: by hand on 11th October.

Tasting notes: intense straw-coloured, with golden reflexes. The aromas without swirling the glass are refined, intense and with character.

They are even more evident after oxygenating the wine, when, besides the subtle notes of wildflowers and ripe white fruits  smelt at first, some descriptors  of spices, cedar, bergamot and medicinal herbs are disclosed. In the mouth it is  broad, firm and balanced. Its pleasantness is prolonged thanks to a good acidity giving depth to  the wine. The aftertaste is mineral and reminds orange blossoms. Great vitality and sumptuousness, it is certainly one of the best wines we have  produced up to now.

Suggested serving temperature: 11-12°C