La Signora Eugenia e il passero solitario

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Weather conditions, phenology stages and agronomic work

Sra Eugenia botiglia (1)The last three months of 2012  had  brought heavy rains saturating the soil with water. The new year began with a continuous progression of  bad weather till May with nearly 300 mm of rain. The prune was supposed to start at the end of February, but due to a  heavy snowfall we had to postpone it to 20th and 21st March: there were no signs  of Spring. The vites were  firm , the buds were swelling very  slowly: in May there was a beginning of germination.

Spring started suddenly after the first week of June, rains stopped and the flowering began first of the Chardonnay , then of the Pinot noir and, in the third decade,  of the late variety. However the temperatures were always lower than standard and delayed the vegetative process.

For the first year the flowering was not disturbed a lot, but we knew there would be a delay of about fifteen days with respect to the previous year.

July was fine except three disturbances ten days apart from each other, August was similar and with not too high temperatures. On 5th August we could see the veraison of the first grapes of the Pinot noir and on 9th August of the Chardonnay, but only in September the veraison of the overrippe grapes was carried out. At the end of August the grapes were really lovely, well distributed, but also with a good delay in ripening, slowed also by the fresh nights. September was very fine and bright, with very pleasant temperatures: on the 5th  the first  harvest of the sparkling wine: the grapes were fantastic, it was  gratifying to gather them intact without needing a lot of selections. On the 10th a strong hail storm ruined the leaves on one side and slowed the ripening. Later,  the fine weather cuddled the grapes in a slow maturation, then between the 26th and the 28th  we had to gather the most part of the early grapes because of the forthcoming arrival of a heavy disturbance: the evening and all the day after it rained 133 mm. First week of October rainy and very wet, with autumn  temperatures. The last months of the year were still very rainy.