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Weather conditions, phenology stages and agronomic work

andamento2010_01Following the harvest of 2009 there was a lot of rain and it was very cold: it was probably the coldest winter of the last years, with a minimum of -8° in December and below zero throughout the month of January. Although February and March were cold with frequent rain, alternated also with some very hot days. The prunings were carried out at the end of the first decade of March: the temperatures, slightly higher than standard, determined an advance over last year with a few vines (pinot noir) that had started bleeding and the weak vines with some swollen buds.
Between mid and late April, some pinot noir vines with low to medium vigour in the vineyards more exposed towards south (Lake vineyard and Ash vineyard) were in the stage of swelling buds, while all the other vineyards, including chardonnay, still had firm gems, but in early May all the varieties were budded. The high rainfall and strong drops in temperature determined a slight delay in the phenological stages of all varieties later in the month. The flowering of the chardonnay and pinot noir began in early June, while the late vine starts to bloom towards the 10th June, when the other varieties are in full bloom.
The continuous rain during the flowering, between 6th and 19th  June, caused the production of sparse clusters in the whole vineyard, and in some cases a strong casting in a few rows of chardonnay. A slight hailstorm on 1st July did not create any problems. In mid-July the chardonnay grapes were the size of a pea and very few clusters were at the foreclosure stage. The late vine has grapes the size of a grain of pepper. On 17th July, a hailstorm of high intensity affected the entire vineyard with serious consequences for the chardonnay (a loss of 40%). In early August, the delay of the growth stages of all the varieties is of about 8-10 days compared to 2009. The veraison of the pinot noir and chardonnay began in those days, while the late vine had grapes the size of a small pea. After the frequent rains of the first decade of August, a very nice period followed until mid-September with temperatures always pleasant and below 30°C. The first harvest was started in late August, with a reduced production, but of lovely well-ripened grapes. In the second half of September, after the complete harvest of the early grapes, frequent but not abundant rainfalls started and continued into a rainy October with the exception of the second decade. The first half of November was quite good but then it rained a lot. Fresh year, grapes of excellent aromatic expression and acid balance. The total rainfall was about 2,010 mm.