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Weather conditions, phenology stages and agronomic work

andamento2011_01The end of 2010 is particularly rainy throughout northern Italy. December, with a few days of temperatures below zero but never very cold. From January to May it was mild and allowed to effectuate the pruning in mid-March, the first day was still cold but the others seemed to be in spring, with maximum temperatures above 20°. A few days onwards the stage of bleeding and the swelling of the buds began on the most exposed vines. April, warm and with little rain, anticipated the season and at mid-month the germination began. The year was much anticipated and the flowering of the early varieties began already on 18th May, to be completed towards the end of the month.
In June, after months of mild weather and little rainfall, there was a lot of rain with temperature drops and a hail storm at the end of the month. This situation damaged part of the late grapes, creating clusters that were very sparse. There was a short break in the bad weather in early days of July when the clusters had grapes like small peas, then there was more rain for the whole month. The vines continue to grow and lose some of the great advance, losing some leaves, but we managed to keep both the grapes and the vegetation healthy. In mid-July the veraison of the first grapes was carried out, first of the chardonnay and then of the pinot noir.
The good weather began after mid-August, the heat was exaggerated, the maximum temperatures rose significantly for a fortnight with abnormal temperatures up to 35°C during the day and around 20°C or more at night. August was so hot that we had to make an early harvest in the third decade of the month. In early September some thunder storms refreshed the harvest and the whole of September was rather rainy. The first two decades of October were lovely without rain, instead the end of the month was more humid and rainy.
There were intense, abundant rainfalls during the first ten days of November and then the early winter was in the norm. Altogether it was a nice year, with a good ripening of the early grapes and the overripe grapes, with excellent results in the harvest. The rainfall was approximately 2,158 mm.