La Signora Eugenia e il passero solitario

Cascina Eugenia 1641 srl Società Agricola, viale Azari 72, 28922 Verbania (VB) | P.IVA 01867250035 |


White wine produced from overripe grapes 2008


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tardivo2008Production: 370 bottles numbered from 1 to 370
Alcohol: 13.64%
Residual sugar: 18.52 g/l
Total acidity: 11.83 g/l
pH: 2.87
Dry extract: 31.64 g/l
Free SO2: 6 mg/l

Technical notes: a harvest of three different batches on the 11th November, and a winter batch on the 9th December, really wonderful. Every batch has been pressed and fermented in stainless steel, except for one that has been fermented in wood.
Refinement: when the spontaneous fermentation was finished, two batches were transferred to wood while the other two continued their refinement in steel. After nearly three and a half years of refinement in wood and steel, followed by frequent tastings, on 18th May 2012 was carried out the assemblage of all batches, that remained in steel vats until the bottling on 31st October 2013. It was the version of the white wine produced from overripe grapes to undergo the longest refinement in the cellar, due to the cool climate that made it require more time to evolve in character.
Tasting notes: Golden yellow with amber highlights. Serious, aromatic imprint, a deep, pure wine. Despite its age of five years, it is still very young and has a long course in the bottle ahead. The most evident olfactory descriptors are green apple, dried apricot, cinnamon, coffee, malt and vanilla. It is an impressive wine in the mouth, of solid structure, dry, even though there are some residual sugars. Its natural concentration and its surprising acidity gives the wine a powerful and unique character.  It ends with an aftertaste of various aromatic herbs in an overall intriguing feeling, tasty and persistent.
Given its young age, we recommended to decant it ten hours prior to the tasting. The wine has a great olfactory heritage that evolves in the days following the opening of the bottle, so it deserves a thoughtful and patient attention. It will be at its apogee after 2023.