La Signora Eugenia e il passero solitario

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White wine produced from overripe grapes 2011


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tardivo2011Production: 1,133 bottles
Alcohol content: 13%
Residual sugars: 60g/l
Total acidity: 9.2 g/l
pH: 3.13
Dry extract: 29.37 g/l
Free SO2: 5 mg/l

Technical Notes: mysterious and surprising. It is a new tasting experience. A fascinating wine due to the organoleptic sensations that it arouses, and the strength and vital energy that it expresses.
The grapes were harvested at three different times: on 15th October the more mature batch, which has fermented partially with its skins, then on 28th and 29th October, and for this batch the grapes were pressed before fermentation.
The peculiarity of this wine is that it had a long, slow fermentation during the winter. This fermentation at low temperatures in the months of November and December has allowed the development of olfactory notes of elegance and complexity.

Refinement: the first part of refinement lasted almost a year and took place in barrels of different kinds of woods. On 18th December, 2012 the assemblage of the barrels was made, and the wine continued its refinement in steel vats until bottling. It was filtered to prevent a further fermentation in the bottle. It was bottled on 30th October 2013.

Tasting Notes: yellow colour with slightly amber highlights. First impact pleasantly intense. After a few minutes in the glass the wine opens itself more and becomes very eloquent. Olfactory notes: candied white fruits, peaches and apricots, ginger, lightly toasted, reminiscent of dry tobacco, resin, musk, almond, walnut, chamomile and verbena. Tasting notes: entering the mouth it is decisive and full-bodied. The balance between the strong acidity and the sweetness of the sugars fills the mouth and prolongs the sensation of pleasure. The aromatic aftertaste is persistent and recalls hints of dried fruits and herbal plants. It is a young wine with great vigour, expected to increase over the years.

Tasting advice: considering the young age of the wine, we recommended to decant it ten hours prior to the tasting. The wine has a great olfactory richness that evolves even in the days following the tasting, so it requires a thoughtful and patient attention. It can be half-consumed and the bottle left open with no damage to the wine. It deserves to be enjoyed after 2018. Lifetime in bottle: more than 30 years.