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Red Wine 2011


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rosso2011Production: 749 bottles numbered from 001 to 749
Alcohol content: 12.25%
Sugar reducers: 0.3 grams
Dry extract: 22.73 g/l
pH: 3.6
Free SO2: 6 mg/l

Technical Notes: The harvest was on 22nd August, of the two of the most advanced batches of the Ash vineyard, and on 24th and 25th August for a third of the Ash vineyard and the Holly vineyard. The first spontaneous fermentation was continued for 15 days in steel vats. The second and third batches were fermented in wooden tubs for 9 days, and the fourth batch was fermented in stainless steel for 12 days, with 5 days of post-maceration. The extraction of the four fermentations was carried out with manual punching.


Refinement: the alternate course between steel and wood of second passage was also maintained for the refinement. Every little batch was followed with periodic tastings to accompany the evolution of the wines during the months and evaluate the right time to effectuate decantings or pre-assemblage. The assemblage of the batches of different plots was carried out on 30th November, 2012.
During the period of growth the wines stabilized themselves naturally, taking advantage of the cold winter. They have not been filtered or treated with any exogenous product, to maintain integral their characteristics. Only small amounts of SO2 were added. It was bottled on 20th August, 2013.

Tasting Notes: the intense colour reflects the good result of  the ripening of the grapes and the deferential winemaking. To the nose, it is true to the varietal notes of cherry of pinot noir. Other descriptors: wild berries, pomegranate, blackcurrant, chocolate, tobacco, toasting. In the mouth it has a decisive entry, substantial tannins although still young, and long aftertaste. This wine is constantly changing, one day after opening the bottle the fruity and toasted notes give way to ones of leather, Asian spices and dried rose petals, and in the mouth the tannins are even more velvety.

Tasting advice: in 2014 to experience its liveliness, and from 2015 to enjoy its complexity and texture. We suggest that you decant the wine four hours before serving to release the aromas and enhance the taste. We recommend the tasting also in the days after the opening of the bottle.